Is Google Dropping Your Website From Mobile Search Results?

April 22nd, 2015 @ 05:00pm Stephen Mutch Mobile

In the coming weeks, many sites could see a significant decrease in mobile website traffic.  The reason is that Google recently made significant changes to it’s mobile search results by boosting the rankings of mobile-friendly websites. You can read all the FAQs.

What does this mean? 

Google is prioritizing content and search results that are mobile friendly. When someone is searching on Google on a mobile device, Google is making sure the websites that they are returning are user friendly for the device that the user is searching with. If your site is not mobile friendly and easy to use it is going to be harder and harder for users to find you through search engine results. 

How do I know if my site is mobile friendly? 

One simple way is to visit Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page and enter your websites URL. Google will tell you your results and let you know if there are issues with your site. 

You can also do a Google search and check for the Mobile-friendly tag next to your search results. 

My site isn't mobile friendly. What can I do?

You will want to make your website Respsonsive. A responsive website responds to the device size ensuring a good consistent user experience regardless of the device the user is using to view your site. 

Making your site responsive will require working with a website developer to modify your existing website or making a website change. With simplyCMS, all of our prebuilt templates are fully responsive and are easy to get up and running. Also, we can help you make your existing website responsive and integrate it onto simplyCMS and enable all the features of our platform for your new site. 

As mobile traffic continues to grow, it is important to create a great user experience across all different devices.  This is just another reason to make that important change.