Tips for Selling Wine Online

October 13th, 2014 @ 08:07am Stephen Mutch Ecommerce

Great. You got a potential customer to your online shop. Now what? How do you make it as simple as possible to capture that sale?

Make it easy to buy

Most wineries have websites and offer visitors the ability to purchase their wines online but how easy do you make it to create a purchase?

Easy to find what they are looking for

Create easy to understand menu items and categories so visitors know exactly where to go to find what they are looking for. Place your wines in categories that your visitors will understand. Red, whites, sweets etc so visitors know where to find the wines they are looking for. Also, use something like shop or purchase for your main menu item so users know where to find the shop.

Easy checkout

Don't make your customers go through the process of creating an account if all they want to do is make the purchase. Guest Checkout has proven to decrease shopping cart abandonment drastically. Make it as simple as possible for the user to complete the purchase.

Make the checkout button easy to find! Make it a bit bigger than the other buttons on your pages and even a different color to draw attention to it.

Sticker shock

Shipping wine is super expensive. Imagine grabbing a bottle of wine at the grocery store. Head over to the checkout stand. Stand in line and wait your turn. You finally get to the checkout clerk and hand them the bottle. They ring it up and just before they swipe your credit card, they say "Oh, BTW, it's going to be another $18 for you to walk out of here with that bottle of wine." You might be a bit upset that you weren't told ahead of time that there was going to be an additional cost over that bottle of wine.

Now in the world of ecommerce, people expect an additional shipping cost but wine is super heavy so it is super expensive. Tell folks up front what they can expect so they don't have that avoidable sticker shock at the point of checkout.

Earn their trust

When it comes to online experiences, consumers are worried about their privacy, data and credit card information. Celebrities private digital photos are being stolen left and right, we hear about major retailers whose credit card information is breached and it seems that we have to change our passwords every time we log on to our favorite sites.

Secure your site: Make sure your website visitors know you are serious about protecting your data! In fact, Google now prioritizes sites using https in their search engine algorithms.

Limit your risk: Use a platform that utilizes the latest and greatest security methods. simplyCMS uses tokenization with credit card and billing information which basically replaces that very sensitive data with non-sensitive data on our servers. The credit card information is stored on your payment processor and we can connect at anytime to use the credit card. This allows us to limit the risk our clients inherit when setting up an online store. There are no compromises of functionality, just extra secure!

Recover the abandoned cart

Whether it is saving the cart so when the user returns, their cart is ready to checkout or following up with someone that didn't complete the purchase, make it easy for folks to complete the sale. Most users report browsing and then coming back to purchase as a main method of online shopping. Make it simple to complete that order,